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Invictus 400rr
Invictus 400RR

The Invictus 400RR

The very first sport bike of Bristol Motorcycles; The INVICTUS 400RR. A light, quick, and agile sport bike that should not be taken too lightly. Aggressive look, aerodynamic design, and responsive engine are just a few traits that would awaken the beast in you.

With its liquid-cooled, 8-valve, twin-cylinder, DOHC Engine it will reach a top speed of 180km/h with ease. Experience superb handling due to its weight of 151kgs making it one of the lightest bikes in its category. Adjustable front and rear suspensions that enables you to tune the bike based on your preferred riding mode or style. It is also equipped with a soft cable typed clutch for easy, smoother shifting of gears and last but not the least, a single-sided swingarm to put the icing on the cake.

Overall, a fun, lightweight speedster to be enjoyed both on the track and on the street.

Invictus 400 RR
Invictus 400 rr


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Invictus 400RR
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